atlanta art opening Sunday Southern Art Revival "POT LUCK"
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George Long
, John Tindel, Michi, Jesse Cregar and Mario Schambon
"POTLUCK" A meal constructed of dishes brought from a collection of homes. Together forming a communion of thoughts, history and flavor. In many ways the dishes are an example of oneself. Sunday Southern Art Revival is a collaborative in which all the members bring there own 'dishes' to the table that add to the history, flavor and thoughts of the meal(art).

On Sunday, September 2nd from 3pm to 9pm, Sunday Southern Art Revival will create a live visual potluck dinner within the walls of Blue Mark Studios. There will be an actual potluck with real food and live music by Jeff Banks and Hot Phat.

The Sunday Southern Art Revival is a collaborative group of Atlanta based artists that evolved out of several sessions or meetings. The meetings were for an active exchange of art making, sharing ideas, stories, techniques, recipes, a few beers, and an appreciation of each other’s work.
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