"METHOD" A Group Exhibition Curated by Sydney Daniel.
7:00pm - 9:00pm

A group exhibition highlighting artists working in new and multidisciplinary mediums that have developed a process and technique that is uniquely their own, their method accelerates the conceptual aspects of their work.

Method is a group exhibition that turns spotlight and focus on artists working in new and interesting ways. Their mediums are mixed, their processes are unique and individual to them. Visually this group show will be strongly textural, reflective in nature and contain works that inspire mystery of its creation. Method will strongly focus on craft, process, practice and technique. The exhibition is centered around the art making process and how that practice influences the concept behind the work.

Exhibiting Artists:
Rae Broyles Maggie Callahan Brian Egan Srinjoy  Gangopadhyay Anya Gromova
Alexandra Miller Adelaide Tai Penny Treese Niki Zarrabi  
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