NOW SHOWING "METHOD" A Group Exhibition Curated by Sydney Daniel.
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A group exhibition highlighting artists working in new and multidisciplinary mediums that have developed a process and technique that is uniquely their own, their method accelerates the conceptual aspects of their work. Curated by Sydney Daniel

Method is a group exhibition that turns spotlight and focus on artists working in new and interesting ways. Their mediums are mixed, their processes are unique and individual to them. Visually this group show will be strongly textural, reflective in nature and contain works that inspire mystery of its creation. Method will strongly focus on craft, process, practice and technique. The exhibition is centered around the art making process and how that practice influences the concept behind the work.

Exhibiting Artists:

Rae Broyles
I am a painter. An artist. An author of visual poetry. There is no alternative. Color, texture, tactile adventures move me. I must freely discover new images, diabolical and vexing techniques and ways of presenting beauty while I fall away from this world and into a realm of physical and mental reverie.

My newest pieces with combinations of video, painting, music and choreography or poetry are the beginnings of my life's work; the integration of multiple mediums necessary to express life's complex beauty. Merge.

Maggie Callahan
is a photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She primarily focuses on photographing people. She favors alternative photography methods and enjoys working with different types of cameras. Her latest series is centered around the concept of the past. Maggie is capturing individuals that are typically not photographed, more specifically the Amish community. Manipulating the Amish's appearance, giving them a new persona. Working in a medium of photography from the 19th century, the vandyke process. Also touching on the culture of the Amish living in the past and refusing to join us in the present

Brian Egan
Through works on paper and canvas, Brian’s works have asked the question like “What exactly is this stuff we are made are we made of?” “Where are we taking it to ?” “And why is it that people seem to spend more time looking at a screen that into the eyes of another human being ?” Often using metalanguage to address such metaphysical questions, he tries to find humor in the mundane.

Srinjoy  Gangopadhyay
Utopian strategies are applied as critical tools of meditation on issue based exploration of human absurdity. Personal, social and cultural ecologies of return, exchange, language and production are examined through narrative inquiries. Informed by Magic(al) Realism, alluding to literary references, the deconstructive auto-ethnography attempts to expose the dialectics of displaced spaces. Intended to achieve a ‘zero degree of meaning’ in a sense that challenges the perceptions of the viewer - the projections of critical Utopias are mapped through model making attitude. Eco critical and psychoanalytic motifs within the utopian storytelling, as well as visual references to ‘glitch’ and digital visual culture heightens the tension between longing-belonging, displacement & desire. In Art based research, documentary and fiction fuse through poetic association.

Anya Gromova
Originally from Moscow, Anna Gromova has been creating art since she was a young child. An Art & Design graduate of Togliatti State University. Her work is currently in many permanent collections all over the world. Anna's paintings and drawings are diverse, from representational to highly abstract. She explores mixed media with different pouring mediums and found objects. Anna currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Alexandra Miller
I love the freedom of depicting my world anyway I see fit, and today I find it surreal and exciting to be an artist. I hope and pray that I never lose that feeling, because it is miraculous. I  because I create art to help me make sense of it all, and depicting my journey through life allows me to feel that I will leave something behind in this life that really matters.

Adelaide Tai
Atlanta based visual artist that also creates jewelry. 'I believe that there is a current through all true things. As an artist my craft is to attune myself to that current. I train my body for the medium, be it words, metal, color, or form. The collection I have developed is entitled Starlight because in the process of creating it I was reminded of how we are all made of stars. My role became a cartographer, painting maps of placed remembered, celestial landscapes from a moment outside of our own.'

Penny Treese
Observing the way our culture treats aging as an evil to avoid, Treese’s technique begins with an out-of-focus photograph of a nude woman on thin paper. She distresses the image with water, wine, coffee, salt and cold—natural elements that age the human body. Finally, applying heat to layers of molten unbleached beeswax, Treese creates a beauty and integrity from her “aged” work—ultimately answering the aforementioned question with an empathic and absolute No.

Niki Zarrabi
Atlanta based artist. She recently graduated with a BFA in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking from Georgia State University. Her work explores the intricate/complex relationship between spirituality and the science of human existence. Inspired by biology, she examines her environment’s natural surroundings and coexistence from her own perspective as a response to society’s constant desire to understand the purpose of life. Her fascination with life’s ethereal balance has led to the recognition of our vulnerability—our exposure to an end by any means of disruption in this fragile balance. Her series of installation discusses our universe as represented in four categories: Origin, Morphology, Structure, and Destruction. Each idea is explored through mixed media multi layered panels that depict the framework of the natural world. She draws attention to the fragile and ephemeral quality of life by use of delicate material and intricate design. As a whole, the work presents a personal narrative of existence as an organized, functional system of the universe
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